About Us

A. Ward Spaulding School building

A. Ward Spaulding School - Grades PreK-2

Gina D. Olearczyk, Principal


Nikki Kupec, Assistant Principal

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945 Mountain Road
West Suffield, Ct 06093

Doors open: 8:20am
School Hours: 8:35am - 3:15pm
Main Office Hours: 7:30am - 4:00pm

Lunch Schedules
  Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday, Friday
PreK & K 11:25-11:50 11:25-11:50
Grade 1 12:20-12:45 12:25-12:50
Grade 2 12:50-1:15 1:25-1:50


We are committed to the learning of each child as we carefully monitor and respond to their varied needs. Our teachers work collaboratively in mini-teams to clarify learning expectations, monitor individual student progress toward those expectations and provide appropriate supports that ensure positive learning outcomes. Our warm and supportive learning environment is a place where individuals of all ages work and learn together.Through our commitment to differentiated instruction, we ensure that the varied learning needs of all children are met throughout each day. We are a joyful Professional Learning Community filled with purposeful learning opportunities for all. In our work as a professional learning community, we focus on meeting the learning needs of the whole child across academic, social, emotional and physical domains.

In our commitment to the success of all students, we recognize the importance of maintaining a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment. We utilize a Responsive Classroom approach as a framework to build positive interpersonal relationships among students and faculty and to develop a collective responsibility for maintaining a positive school culture.

Spaulding School encourages active parent and community participation in our daily activities. Opportunities to volunteer are numerous and vary based on parent interests, availability and classroom needs. Parents frequently join us as guest readers, library support, presenters, during classroom center activities, or from time to time when a helping hand is needed. Research and experience tells us that when parents are involved at school, the performance of all the children at school improves.

It is our goal to keep parents well informed and connected to our school. Each week, SeeSaw will provide updates from teachers along with student work for parents to review and provide comments. In addition, families will receive a monthly communication via the Witty Wildcat, a PK-5 newsletter, containing highlights of recent and upcoming events. Parent updates will be sent by administration as needed to keep families informed and up to date throughout the school year. We also want to encourage you to explore our website and review the various resources that are available to you.